Selected publications

Secreted antigen A peptidoglycan hydrolase is essential for Enterococcus faecium cell separation and priming of immune checkpoint inhibitor cancer therapy

SL Klupt*, KT Fam*, X Zhang, PK Chodisetti, A Mehmood, T Boyd, DA Grotjahn, D Park, HC Hang. Elife (2024)

*Equal contribution

Reentrant DNA shells tune polyphosphate condensate size

R Chawla*, JKA Tom*,T Boyd, DA Grotjahn, D Park, AA Deniz, LR Racki. Pre-print (2023)

*Equal contribution

The Parkinson's disease kinase LRRK2 coordinates a cell intrinsic itaconate-dependent defense pathway against the intracellular pathogen Salmonella

H Lian*, D Park*, M Chen, F Schueder, M Lara-Tejero, J Liu, JE Galan. Nature Microbiology (2023)

*Equal contribution

Developmental transitions coordinate assembly of the Coxiella burnetii Dot/Icm Type IV Secretion System

D Park, S Steiner, M Shao, CR Roy, J Liu. Infection & Immunity (2022)

Analysis of Dot/icm type IVB secretion system subassemblies by cryoelectron tomography reveals conformational changes induced by DotB binding 

D Park*, D Chetrit*, B Hu, CR Roy, J Liu. Mbio (2020)

*Equal contribution

Visualization of the type III secretion mediated Salmonella-host cell interface using cryo-electron tomography 

D Park, M Lara-Tejero, MN Waxham, W Li, B Hu, JE Galán, J Liu. Elife (2018)

Structural basis for membrane anchoring of HIV-1 envelop spike 

J Dev*, D Park*, Q Fu, J Chen, H Ha, F Ghantous, T Herrmann, W Chang, Z Liu, G Frey, MS Seaman, B Chen, JJ Chou. Science (2016)

*Equal contribution

 Additional publications

Effect of the cytoplasmic domain on antigenic characteristics of HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein

J Chen, JM Kovacs, H Peng, S Rits-Volloch, J Lu, D Park, El Zablowsky, MS Seaman, B Chen. Science (2015)

A mammalian system for high-resolution imaging of intact cells by cryo-electron tomography 

X Li, D Park, Y Chang, A Radhakrishnan, H Wu, P Wang, J Liu. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology (2020) 

Cryo-electron microscopy visualization of a large insertion in the 5S ribosomal RNA of the extremely halophilic archaeon Halococcus morrhuae 

MR Tirumalai, JT Kaelber, DR Park, Q Tran, GE Fox. FEBS Open Bio (2020)

Applying live cell imaging and cryo-electron tomography to resolve spatiotemporal features of the Legionella pneumophila Dot/Icm secretion system

D Chetrit, D Park, B Hu, J Liu, CR Roy. JoVE (2020)

In-situ high-resolution 3D imaging combined with proteomics and metabolomics reveals enlargement of subcellular architecture and enhancement of photosynthesis pathways in nuclear-irradiated Chlorella pyrenoidosa

W Guo, L Feng, Z Wang, J Guo, D Park, BL Carroll, X Zhang, J Liu, J Cheng. Chemical Engineering Journal (2022)